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The world is truly becoming increasingly flatter. People from all walks of life are becoming more comfortable conducting commerce from across the world in virtually all forms of verticals. Approximately 35% of the world is online and the remaining majority are expected to get online within the decade. Currently, there is no single form of digital currency that the world can easily use.

Bitcoin has exploded on the marketplace in a relatively short period of time. It has proved that there are the desire and demand for a single digital currency. As an early pioneer in the space, Bitcoin has been proved that there is the demand for a digital currency and the need for the business community to become early adopters.

1 Bitcoin has developed a model in which it can provide sustainable profits by providing leverage solutions to small business with the desire to participate in this emerging bonanza. The company has assembled top-flight management to build a direct sales organization to capitalize on this emerging industry quickly and effectively.

The Problem

The global economy is already here and the world is becoming increasingly flatter. We are now able to conduct digital transactions globally from everything such as digital books to small business membership sites. The affiliate industry whereby people are compensated for introducing traffic to websites is increasing at double-digit rates globally. That audience is expected to grow by an estimated 70% of the world’s population has still yet to come online.

The problem the world has is there is no digital currency available. Sure, there is credit card processing with merchants using currency exchanges but there is an increasing desire for the world to have its own Digital currency. Using a currency exchange and credit card merchants add an unnecessary amount of risk to transactions through fraud and currency fluctuations.

The Solution

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used and accepted crypto-currency with a total market cap today in excess of $5.billion. The bitcoin community is made up of thousands of computers run by individuals all over the world. Currently, there are over 1,500,000 bitcoin wallets controlled in just North America alone by approximately the same number of individuals representing over $5,000,000,000 in global purchasing power! Yet, there is no single shopping destination online offering nearly every product or service to support the growing community of people and their purchasing power. 1bitcoin network plans on being that one-stop destination for all goods and services sought by bitcoin supporters and consumers!

Bitcoin is regarded as one of the most intriguing virtual monies today and is more versatile than normal currencies. One of the problems of traditional currencies is that it can easily be lost along transfer.executive 02

Below are the specific advantages of using bitcoins.

• It is voluntary and people are not coerced to become bitcoin miners.
• Unlike money, counterfeiting is impossible with bitcoin.
• Inflation happens at a stable rate compared with money.
• There is no bank to bank transfer fees.
• It has stronger privacy protections than other money intermediary sites such as PayPal.
• Bitcoins cannot be frozen by intermediaries thus bitcoin miners get the full amount of their bitcoin if they convert to traditional currency.

With the stability and ease of use, there are now many online shops that are accepting bitcoins as one of their payment options. In the near future, we may see a lot of people use bitcoin mining as it is one of the most promising virtual currencies available in the world.

Our Business Model

1bitcoin network (1BN) is building a globexecutive 03al savings, loyalty and rebate shopping platform exclusively for the cryptocurrency; bitcoin.

The 1bitcoin network will provide the world’s first networking and shopping experience both online and offline, developing a mutually beneficial relationship between the bitcoin community of international shoppers and its growing number of merchants.

A 1bitcoin network member will be provided a complimentary membership into an exclusively developed bitcoin shopping experience. 1bitcoin network is developing a global rewards and member loyalty program dedicated to the bitcoin business landscape. 1bitcoin network will provide its member base with benefits, savings and bitcoin rebates from both online and offline shopping activities. The merchant community will include some of the most celebrated retail names, gift card providers, worldwide travel destinations and much more.

1 bitcoin network will appeal to those looking for ways to save money on their everyday purchases; as well as taking advantage of the fastest growing and most appealing crypto-currency, bitcoin. Our vast merchant network is comprised of firms looking for ways to build lasting customer loyalty while lowering both their operations expense (credit card processing) and acquisition cost. By bringing together both parties first domestically and then internationally, we will create a unique global shopping network. This network will provide the foundation for both our merchant and shopping community, providing a unique bitcoin loyalty program that benefits both our members in bitcoin rebates and merchants with loyal customers.

Customer Acquisition Model

executive 04Affiliate Marketing and Direct Sales have both established themselves as two of the most exciting and accepted alternative customer acquisition models worldwide. It’s all about sharing a product or service with others, both face to face and through online activities such as email and social networking. It is the cost-effective “referral” involved in both, that attracts both manufacturers and service providers to establish lucrative commissions that can be shared by both 1bitoin network and its marketing representatives. It is truly a win-win-win situation for all the committed business parties. Low-cost acquisition for the merchants, revenue for 1bitcoin network, and income opportunities for the referring
marketing representatives!

Revenue Streams

1. Merchant Participation in shopping and reward portal – monthly maintenance fee. Over twenty-thousand potential merchants currently accepting Bitcoin and tens of thousands of others soon to participate.

2. Transactions fees for purchases in reward and loyalty portal – example: merchant pays member 5% on transactions as a reward/rebate.1Bitcoin network scrapes a transaction percentage of an additional 5% to 10% for managing transactions.

3. Advertising and promotion – Merchants pay additional fees to be featured merchants, or for advertising on the 1BitCoin network.


The world has become increasingly flat. There is now a phenomenal business opportunity helping companies participate in joining the world in a truly global business environment. 1bitcoin has a business plan that integrates a direct sales approach to scale this industry with an army of business professionals quickly and effectively.

1bitcoin is a public company and will provide a forum for partners and associates who wish to participate in this potentially explosive new industry. This will also provide an ideal landscape for global participants to have access and exist in a fluid marketplace.

If you still have any doubt regarding the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you can contact us here.

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