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To get started, you must be invited. is an exclusive INVITATION ONLY offer extended to existing Bitcoiners or those who choose to become a member of the community. You will be invited and enrolled by a Shopper or Brand Builder who is already a member.

An invited Shopper web portal is our gift to fellow Bitcoiners throughout the world. There is NO Membership Fee. It is here that bitcoiners communicate with other bitcoiners, purchase goods, and services utilizing their 1Bitcoinnetwork. Bitcoiners will enjoy the special rewards, discounts, and rebates offered by our Bitcoin Merchants.

In addition, you could convert your present currency to bitcoin. You also can transfer bitcoin to any point in the world where bitcoin is accepted. Millions of people worldwide are choosing the bitcoin solution as the economical and safe way to conduct commerce.

An invited Brand Builder is an individual or business that is a Shopper and promotes the enterprise as a business opportunity. Commissions and other rewards may be earned by enrolling Shoppers and /or by inviting others to become Brand Builders with you at your personal business portal. By bringing in new Bitcoiners, a Brand Builder can earn a weekly commission.





In order to participate at any level, you must first be invited and open a Bitcoin account. This process will take place at the secure link you will be sent via your email.

Please fill out the required fields provided here. When you receive your Invitation to, double-click on the link or copy and paste into the address field in your browser. At the website, click Get Started. Then choose Shopper or Brand Builder. Both choices will take you through the Open Bitcoin Account process.

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