The Business Opportunity

      No Comments on The Business Opportunity is an invitation only commissionable Classified Advertising Platform. A “Global Bitcoin Community” comprised of Bitcoiners. Bitcoiners are individuals or businesses that trade exclusively in Bitcoin. To participate, you must be invited by a preregistered Bitcoiner who is either a Brand Builder or Affiliate.


Our Community is made up of invited entrepreneurs, sales pros and merchants that have either previously accepted Bitcoin or are excited to become a part of a worldwide enterprise devoted to the adoption of Bitcoin as a global enterprise solution. Merchants could advertise and promote their goods and services globally. In our community, there is no need for currency exchange, no bank fees, interchange charges or chargebacks. Just peer- to-peer Bitcoin. It’s simple! utilizes a robust Network Marketing strategy and compensation plan. Our sales and marketing representatives are referred to as Brand Builders and Affiliates.

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Brand Builder sells the Global Advertising opportunity and builds an international sales team. A Brand Builder then can receive an override commission on sales made from the members of their sales team.

Affiliate is focused on selling advertising. An Affiliate does not build a sales team. It only receives a commission based solely on personal sales.

Bitcoin. In order to participate at any level in our enterprise, an individual or a business entity must first be invited and open a Bitcoin account. A wallet and Bitcoin purchase may be made at a Brand Builder, Affiliate or at the Classified Advertising Platform.

Each Brand Builder and Affiliate purchase an ad and to receive additional ad space that they may sell, use or giveaway for marketing purposes. Brand Builders may use their personalized website to introduce others to the1bitcoinnetwork commissionable Classified Advertising Platform.

Additionally, our provides all participants with a personalized web-based platform that enables enrollment, Bitcoin commission payment, peer-to-peer transfer and Bitcoin conversion. The Business Center provides access to all marketing materials via the ordering center. Furthermore , community provides the Brand Builder and Affiliate with access to a hub of social media, training, tutorials, audio and Bitcoin video libraries, just to name a few.

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